Fat Girl No More

saying bye-bye to obesity, one day at a time


Template Fail :(

In one of the recent WordPress updates, my blog’s template failed Hence the present look for this blog. I feel bad because one, I can’t figure out how to fix it (and I don’t have time! haha) and two, the pictures of my old blog posts don’t work anymore. Huhu. Any advice about how to […]

What Makes Me Fat….

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gave that question quite a bit of thought. I have come to realize that my weight issues really go beyond just the amount of food I eat, or the type of food I eat, but the WAY I eat. I realized that because I skip meals and am unmindful, […]


I may not have been blogging regularly about my weight loss issues, but I have been working hard at it. I have been blessed with a friend who has been doing integrative nutrition counseling with me and I think this has helped with my struggle with weight. Yes, I still have quite a bit to […]

The Prodigal Blogger

I got an email recently and it was kind of like a reminder of the life I used to live. A reader reached out to me and asked why I stopped blogging. On one hand, I was glad to receive her note because it reminded me of why I used to do this. On the […]

Counting Down….

Yes, here I am counting down again to my weight loss deadlines. BOOOO. Why is it so hard to maintain a steadiness in the weight loss journey? I blame this latest fluctuations on: 1. White rice. 2. Coke. 3. Too many eggs. 4. Peanut butter kitkats.   WAAAAH. Save me from myself. Bow.

Oh The Changes!

One of the greatest things finding contentment and peace (or steadiness, as I’d like to think of it) with my weight is that I have allowed myself to embrace many changes without much of a struggle anymore. Or at least less of a struggle. For example, because I am more content with where I am, […]

Tripping Down Memory Lane

(Im still having trouble with my dashboard…I can’t seem to find all the commands to insert photos or adjust font etc. And so I will write this post without a photo to get my point across. Boo.) I was cleaning through my room over the holidays and I came across old photos. My FAT PHOTOS. […]

The Secret to Weight Loss

Well, well, well. That got you looking, huh? Seriously though, sometimes I wish I could discover that one secret there is to weight loss. And weight loss that lasts forever, okay? If I knew, I’d print out a million billion of those newsletters and get one of those online stores that offer cheap envelope printing […]

Some Random Weirdness…

Okay, I warned you. This is gonna be some weird post. I was going through one of those group deal sites earlier today and I found this ad for a huge (and I mean HUGE!) body pillow. One that is u-shaped and hugs around you. I WANT IT!!! Hahaha. Last time I felt like this […]

Arroz Caldo, Quinoa Style

So, as promised, I would share a Quinoa recipe soon. It was a lazy, rainy day, one that called for arroz caldo. And so arroz caldo it was! Think classic Pinoy arroz caldo with lots of ginger. Since I’m vegetarian, I skipped the chicken and just seasoned it with some veggie patis. Yum. The quinoa […]

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