Fat Girl No More

saying bye-bye to obesity, one day at a time


Some Random Weirdness…

Okay, I warned you. This is gonna be some weird post. I was going through one of those group deal sites earlier today and I found this ad for a huge (and I mean HUGE!) body pillow. One that is u-shaped and hugs around you. I WANT IT!!! Hahaha. Last time I felt like this […]

Arroz Caldo, Quinoa Style

So, as promised, I would share a Quinoa recipe soon. It was a lazy, rainy day, one that called for arroz caldo. And so arroz caldo it was! Think classic Pinoy arroz caldo with lots of ginger. Since I’m vegetarian, I skipped the chicken and just seasoned it with some veggie patis. Yum. The quinoa […]

Workout Fail

Since graduating from my teacher training, I have only succeeded in doing two self-practices. While I know this is something I really need to develop, I still find myself gravitating towards the yoga studio. It’s just different to practice in that space. Today, however, I tried to get my groove on (so to speak). I […]

Sharing the Yoga Love

I shared these in my other blogs as well, so if you subscribe to those, you probably read this already. However, for those who haven’t, here goes Yoga has changed my life so much and it has blessed me immensely. Now that I am a yoga teacher, I want to be able to share that […]

Revisiting Goals

I tire of doing this. I feel like such a failure. Boo. Seriously, though, I do think I am making progress. I just wish it was faster. And so now I reset some goals: 1. I will stop being stuck at the number. From now, I will go with the visual cues…pictures, clothes that fit […]

Run, Ria, Run….

Lately I have been thinking of maybe trying out running. Buuuut….I still have my apprehensions. I still don’t think running is for me. I don’t see myself as one of those people in singlets running around Bonifacio High Street after office hours or perhaps joining those 3 or 5k’s around the metro. Besides the fact […]

Oh Chocolate Balls…

SIIIIIIIIIIIGH. Yes…I gave in to the feeling once again. Wasn’t really hungry, but for some reason, when I saw the chocolate balls in the fridge, I took it. And inhaled six of them. Boo.

Let there be Light.

I have been living in the dark for about two months now. Seriously. As the rainy season came, the ceiling in my room has progressively started leaking. at first it was little droplets, now its kinda stronger. Because of this, I am afraid to turn on the lights in my room I am living off […]


At long, long last….I stepped on the scale and saw progress! WEEEEE! For the longest time I have been stuck at the same weight, which shouldn’t be a bad thing, I know, but it has been SO DARNED FRUSTRATING. The other day, finally, there was some movement. I guess it’s true that weighing yourself on […]


Yep…this is me. Yoyo-ing once again. It’s the stress. The lack of time to really be centered. The feeling of being overwhelmed and the only thing I can do is cop out and eat. WAAAAH. This is not supposed to happen!!! GRRRR!!! Yesterday when I was walking the boys, I had to sit and take […]

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