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Gone Green!

A few weeks ago, after a yoga workshop, my friends and I swung by the organic market at Legaspi village and though I am not (or at least I was not!) a big fan of green smoothies, I went along and ordered a big bottle of green juice from RAWlicious. Since it was my first real go at green juices, I let my companions pick the flavor and we ended up with the one called Joe’s Green Mind. It was made of organic greens, cucumber, mint, apple, banana and pure coconut water. I took my bottle, looked at it dubiously, and gave it a go.

The verdict: I wanted more :)

Several times following that Sunday I found myself craving for green juice. Once I even surprised myself by turning down a couple margaritas. Prior to that you would have had to lock up my favorite pink fuzzy drinks in a mesa safe to keep me away from it! I guess my body was signaling me to make more positive changes, and it wasn’t just to lose weight, but more to get my body healthier.

HOWEVER, since that Sunday, I hadn’t had the chance to get more shakes. For one, the Sunday market is out of my way. Plus the delivery service of RAWlicious doesn’t cover my area. Plus even though a friend of mine was willing to make my shakes for me, I was tamad (lazy) to pick it up. And to make it myself…FORGET IT!!! For one, I thought I needed a super special blender to make it (although as I have learned there are some limitations to a regular blender and errr…something about enzymes and megablasting and what not that I haven’t understood haha). Secondly, it’s soooo hassle! Third….IM LAZY!

But for some reason, I woke up today with an intense craving for a green smoothie. I tried to settle with just buko juice but I still wanted green juice. And so I gave in and experimented. I threw in an apple, a banana, some spinach, some malunggay, and a couple lettuce leaves into my blender with coconut water and viola…

green smoothie

green juice :) It’s not as yummy as RAWlicious’s, and I’m sure there are better ways of making it, but this is a great start, if I may say so myself :)

Cheers :)

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