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My New Asana Challenges…

Yes, asana, not asa na hehe.

I am coming to realize that many of the poses I never thought I would be able to do are now more accessible to me and I can’t help but feel quite proud of those little accomplishments. Binding, for example, was something I could never do before because my hands would never reach where it had to go, but now, I can do it better, albeit at times still with a strap.

Today I found myself doing a much better, almost completely there side plank. I have always been challenged by that pose because it’s so danged difficult to hold and lately I’ve really been seeing progress in it :) Yey me. Last week while in Iloilo, I attempted a couple and, well, it ain’t perfect but it sure is getting there…see…

not completely straight and the hips are dipping too low, but it's getting there!!!

We went on to explore a new pose (well, one that I tried and immediately gave up on months ago!) called Bird of Paradise and was surprised to see myself manage to stand up from that twisted little thing we get into. Teehee. The first time I tried that it felt like my toes were glued to the floor.

So yes…this is my new asana challenge…I wanna be able to do the full expression of the pose and this is what it looks like:

photo from this blog


Another pose I wanna be able to do is this one legged wheel…teehee.

photo from here

nice nice nice.

One day I tell ya :) Much as I love yoga, however, there is one thing that gets to me about it: after I practice I’m always SOOOOO hungry. Egaaad. Please tell me what supplement would offer the best appetite supression so I don’t waste my workout? Teehee :)

6 thoughts on “My New Asana Challenges…

  • Jin says:

    Accidentally landed on your site… So inspiring!!!

  • gladys says:

    i started reading your blogs!^_^ i love it! where do you take your yoga classes?i desperately want to lose the weight.. god bless reposting…Kamsahamnida

  • Well done on that side plank!!!! I remember doing my first push-up after two years of faithfully going to yoga. It was incredible my body (all of it) floated off the ground. That has been my proudest accomplishment to date. I know it’s not about the accomplishments but about the flow etc… that didn’t stop me telling everyone who had to ears and couldn’t escape. I like your blog in fact i’m going to pop by more often to see how your journey is going. Much Love Leanne

    • Fat Girl No More says:

      oh thank you leanne :) i can relate with the feeling of just floating off the ground and just “connecting” with the asana :) thank you for your visit and yes, do drop by again :)

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