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Ciao Bella! Join Me Celebrate with Belle de Jour and Get a Chance to win a BDJ 2011 Planner!

I have never really been the Belle of the Ball type of gal.  In fact, I’ve always been more of the more quiet wallflowers who would only go to parties and events because I had to and not because I wanted to. I’ve never really been Little Miss Sunshine when it comes to social situations and I really tend to be just disappear to the sidelines. In the same manner, I’ve never been the bright eyed optimist, at least not when it came to me. It’s funny though, because when it comes to others, I am able to help them see the silver lining in any dark cloud they may come across. Perhaps that was because of how I felt about myself not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. Add to that the fact that for the most part, I really am more of an introvert who likes being in very small, intimate groups rather than large social networks.

However, I have to admit that discovering the blogging community and being so warmly welcomed into it has changed that for me. And now, I’m really working hard at being more positive about things.

Over the past few months, I have been overwhelmingly blessed in the different aspects of my life. Personally, I have grown so much and my heart has been filled with so much joy. In finding that joy, I found my way to losing weight and becoming a Fat Girl No More (at least almost a Fat Girl No More!). Professionally, I have made very big choices and while this does include closing certain chapters in my book, many, many other opportunities and discoveries have come to light. I have rediscovered my passions and for now, I am running with it. Having this blog recognized as one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs has been the icing on top of my blogging cake, so to speak :-).  On a spiritual level, while I still may not be the traditional, religious type of believer, I feel that I have become more soulful and thus I have rekindled my relationship with my God in a way that works for me. Socially, I have expanded my networks and welcomed so many great people into my life both on and offline.

Because all of these, I can’t help but be filled with so much gratitude, happiness and pleasure. I’m so overflowing with positivity right now it, like I said on my Facebook page, borders on a: infectious or b: annoying. Your choice. Of course I’d wish you’d say it’s infectious :-) There’s really so much for me to celebrate and honor these days, so I make it a point to appreciate and express my gratitude for all these things, whether they are little or big :-) With that, I’d like to invite all you beautiful bellas out there, to share with me what it is in your life that is worth celebrating…oh, and did I mention that by sharing your stories you can have a chance to win your very own 2011 Belle de Jour Planner?

Paint the Town Pink at the BDJ 2011 Launch!

Joining is easy. All you have to do is answer this question by either leaving a comment on the comment box below or on your own blogs (be sure to leave your contest post URL on the comment section so I can find it :-)):

What have you realized in your  life that is worth celebrating?

In keeping with the fair’s theme this year, Paint the Town Pink!, be sure, to use the word “pink” in your answer.

Contest will run from today up to October 20, 2010. The best answer will win (1) 2011 BDJ Planner which you can claim at the BDJ Fair on October 24, 2010 at the Venice Piazza in Mckinley Hill, The Fort, from 2:00-9:00 pm where exciting festivities, remarkable shopping finds, delectable fare, stimulating talks and great company await anyone coming to the fair :-)* Winner will be announced on October 21.

Criteria for judging is simple: I will pick the most relevant, creative and heart-felt comment or post. Of course, the use of pink will help tip the scales a whole lot.

For me, I am celebrating a renewal of life, one filled with hope despite challenges,knowing that challenges as mere obstacles that will somehow end one way or another. A life that has a promising tomorrow filled with love, peace and contentment.  Join me as I lift a glass of a yummy pink strawberry margarita in a toast to all that is good that is waiting to happen (that is, of course, if you’re old enough to have a drink…if not…we can definitely toast with something else :-) )

*if the winner is unable to make it to the fair, shipping of prize can be arranged…but why miss all the fun, right? :-) Plus…coming to the fair will not just be a whole lot of fun. By simply coming and registering (and paying the Php 30.00 pre-registry fee/ Php 50.00 walk-in fee) you can help educate many Filipino children! This year, 100% of entrance fee proceeds will be donated to the Scuola della Gioia, a school for underpriviledged children in Tondo, Manila. For more details or to pre-register to any of the fun events for the fair, please check out the BDJ Facebook Page or website.

The BDJ Fair beneficiary, Scuola della Guioia, a school for underprivileged kids in Tondo, Manila.

During the fair, you can also get your own BDJ Planner at 20% off . Each planner will retail for only Php480 during the event. See you at the fair!

About Belle De Jour and The BDJ Fair:

The Belle de Jour power planner is a unique, fun, and smart planner that is the first of its kind. Targeted for women ages 20 to 35, Belle De Jour combines witty and useful articles, sophisticated yet fun illustrations, a relevant and practical layout design, and great discount coupons from various lifestyle brands, in one stylish package.

On it’s 5th year, tbe 2011 BDJ Power Planner edition celebrates in Mardi Gras style with themed festivities and booths, filled with various activities and talks from beauty and fashion experts, and of course, lots and lots of shopping fun for all :-)

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22 thoughts on “Ciao Bella! Join Me Celebrate with Belle de Jour and Get a Chance to win a BDJ 2011 Planner!

  • Dih says:

    Becoming a lady at 30. I now wear pink blush on and lipstick! I had my first facial and waxing which transform my stressful face into a face with pinkish cheeks.

  • Josephine S. Gregorio says:


    having a son that u carried in your womb for 9 months is worth celebrating for, when i saw him he’s so pinky pinky pink! toes and hands are so pinky pink! i actually can’t believe that he grew inside my pinkish tummy! now he’s 2 yrs. old and has a pinkish chubby cheek! i’m so thankful that God gave him to me.. at these very moment when i remember the first time i saw him, i’m still blushing pink. :)

  • My life as a whole is worth celebrating, despite all the hardships and imperfections I have being alive and in the pink is worth celebrating. I’m so blessed to have a beautiful and sweet daughter, an understanding mother, a supportive family, friends and loved ones. And incidentally my blog Earthlingorgeous is pink and its also worth celebrating! :)

  • I have realized that it’s already been 8 long years since I met and made friends with these three lovely ladies. Since 2002, we never let the storms of life take our friendship down. Who would have thought that after eight years and in spite of the distance, our bond is the same as it was back when we were in first year high school. I believe that it’s something worth celebrating! With our pink lipsticks on and wearing our stilettos, we are ready to conquer the world. :)

  • jilywily says:

    For the past months, Ive been having sleepless nights whether I am liking the person Im becoming.. My very own take on quarter life crisis. Questioning every thing, every one. Thank you September for turning things around and letting me see how blessed I really am. I realized that everything thats happening to me is rooted in the choices that I make, which has a price to pay and a benefit. First in line is that I get to do the things that I love doing each and every day. Im thankful for where I am now, career-wise. Basically, I cant ask for more. People my age – with my experience, arent usually given this kind of break. I took the leap and so far I think Im doing pretty well. Im super grateful how my grandparents, parents, sister, majority of the family are in the pink. Every day in life is worth celebrating for. Because at the end of the day, happiness is a choice. Every day, we wake up to our goals and dreams and the possibility of making them real is ours. Having the greatest friends in the world is the frosting on top of every thing else. I started the year saying that 2010 will be mine. surely, I had my ups and downs. But here I am now, owning that statement. I couldnt ask for more, really ;)

    • Fat Girl No More says:

      wonderful, jilywily….i wish you well. reading your comment left me a bit speechless because (in as much as i am much older than you) i have been saying the same thing and learning these things lately :-) good luck!

  • Nica says:

    I realized that having a daughter is worth celebrating for. Some of my close friends have been trying to conceive for years but are still not blessed with the gift of a child. Gabby came to me at an ill-opportune time but she was and still is a blessing. She’s my anchor in life. Her mere existence keeps me from going astray and breaking down during the darkest days of my life. Now, I am making lifestyle changes, trying to be in the pink of health, so that I would be around to see her have children of her own.

  • Marizen Villamora says:

    Being in the pink of health is worth celebrating. My recent medical exam results revealed everything is in normal range. Though I don’t have any vices, I’m still fortunate that I do not any diseases or hormonal imbalances which afflicted some of my friends and acquaintances as early as 2nd year college like juvenile arthritis or myoma, to think that those friends of mine are a lot more health-conscious than me. It’s a blessing which I will always cherish. In fact in my joy after I received the news, I scheduled a “pa-misa” in one of my favorite churches here in Manila to thank God a lot for giving me almost 30 years of my existence here on Earth more productive and healthy. I’m really so grateful.

  • Marinella says:

    I realized that I’m a girl blessed enough with healthy and fit body. When I was young, I don’t care about what I do. I don’t care if I got pink bruises, pink rashes, or anything at all. I don’t care about my body. It’s all my mom who does the hard work of keeping me clean. But, when I joined a medical mission, I realized that there are lots of people who get sick. There are also those children who were unfortunate to not have a foot, a hand, and more.I should be thankful and celebrating that I have a pink and fab body. I have complete body parts that some people will die to have. Now, I can use my strength, my will power to help those unfortunate ones and help them survive in this world with a happy and pink smile on their faces to share what I have right now. I’m aiming to become a nurse, or someone in the medical field. I may be ambitious but I’m using everything I have now to dream for something worthwhile.

  • Polinda Usero says:

    I realized just by being Alive now, breathing, eating, can talk, every single moment I can create, is worth celebrating for. Why are we here? what is our purpose, why God created us. The joy of life was given to us to nourish, to share it to someone. How generous and how much God love us by giving us the opportunity to live. I think that’s worth celebrating for. Happy Birthday to all of us! by the way, pink is my favorite color as a kikay <3 <3 <3

  • Rhain says:

    What have you realized in your life that is worth celebrating?

    There are so many things to celebrate right now..
    ♥ I found true love through M.C., it has been a long seven years since we met..and hopefully things gonna work out fine.. yup.. i feel pink at the moment.. (seven years ago when we first met, it was way back 2003, in my 4th year highschool days, weren’t classmates, not even schoolmates, their school teamed up with our school during basketball leagues.., and yes after the long seven years, we met again, and yup.. tru intercompany basketball league..again.. he’s the MVP of my life) ♥
    ♥ I’ve gained new friends & gotten close to some really great people ♥
    There is definitely a bright side to my friendship issue :) my friends were still there for me.. eventhough i made a lot of mistakes in my life. that i was almost ashamed to face them.. yet true friends accept us for being us..
    ♥ Struggled with personal issues♥
    Currently I feel good & Iam… not quite happy, but content enough with the way I look. But about a month ago, when I looked in the mirror, I was just completely disgusted with my reflection. I felt very thin & ugly, and would pile on the makeup. Now I’ve eased up on the makeup and no longer wanna cry when I see my reflection. I’m in a better & happier place :)
    ♥ more time with family ♥
    after my dreadful past relationship that almost tore me apart (3 years of hell with the ex –> he’s in dubai, suffering from a hard time finding a job, i think that is his KARMA) now i have more time to spend with my family and i am happy with that
    ♥ finally ive moved on ♥
    i have been in a bad relationship, yup.. that almost drain me.. inside and out.. i still thank God for giving me my family, friends and MC.. (those years ive been with him.. really made me think what i have done to my self.. i almost lose my self confidence, it made me weaker.. and made me filled with anger) almost a year had passed and i have finally moved on a step forward.. and i wont look back anymore.. i have learned my lessons from those mistakes.. from my dark side.. being in black.. is almost over.. and now im painting the town pink ^_^ i knew God would be always there for me.. and so my family and friends.. and so my MC.. (were gonna celebrate our 10th Monthsary tomorrow– “love you bear” thank you for being there for me and for accepting me for being me..)

    i was celebrating life.. today and will celebrate it everyday.. for giving me a second chance to correct all the bad things that happened to my life..

    hugs and kisses

  • Rhain says:

    yay ^_^ thanks.. dear

  • Badette says:

    i realized that my family is still the most important aspect of my life. i’ve been a good daughter and sibling but that came to an end when i had my GF_BF relationship. i neglected my family duties and even (sort of) abandoned my parents, and lived life as if me and my lover owns the world. after being with my man for quite some time, i realized that the happiness i have with him is temporary in nature, and that i sorely miss the love from my family. i ditched my relationship after that, and rekindled my lost connections with my sibs and parents. today, i’m living each pink day of my life with the family i love and who love me the most, and the thoughts of a better tomorrow. ♥

  • cherry says:

    What have I realized in my life that is worth celebrating?

    Everything! It’s just a matter of looking in a better perspective. I learned that there’s really no point in worrying things and stay in an awful situation, you have to stand up and face everything with your chin up. My life has turned 360 degrees from last year. Last year was a dull and sad year, only because I kept on focusing on the negative things. But this 2010, I began to improve myself by thinking positively. Now, I have a stable job, loving my friends and family at my side, and deeper relationship with God. For me, that’s the most important thing in my life, I get to celebrate my existence with the people that are closest to my heart. I learned that you have to live everyday as special as possible so that you don’t have regrets in the end and whatever obstacle that you’re facing right now it will surely come to and end. We can all paint the world with different colors like green, blue, pink, purple or red, but me I choose to paint the world with rainbow colors! Cheers!

  • ann says:

    What have you realized in your life that is worth celebrating?

    Before I used to schedule my time just between my work and at home. I really have no time for myself. All I think about is save, save, save!!! I did not realize that I have been depriving myself of things I deserve.

    Then I found a quote on my planner “similar” to this saying, “Continuous small treats is the secret to a happy life.”

    Then, I realized that I have all the time in the world! Even though I really have a tight work schedule, I always see to it that I can give myself a little something i.e. a pink little hanky, a simple decadent dessert, a cup of yogurt, a chick flick movie treat, and a lot more. Through this, I learn how to love life. I realized that I have a “LIFE TO CELEBRATE”.

  • april says:


    I commented last October 20 regarding my contest entry here:

    Twice actually, but it said duplicate entry so I guess my comment is already sent for approval, but unfortunately I don’t sent my comment here anywhere.. So hindi siya nakasali sa contest? :(

    • Fat Girl No More says:

      hi april,

      im sorry there was no comment in my dashboard from you :-( i even checked the spam folder and did not see one. i will check out your post though :-) thank you for your effort!

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