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Going Veggie

One of the things I have decided to do to help me along my weight loss journey is to go green. No, not environmental green, but food green! I don’t think I can go full-on vegetarian but I will try limiting my red meat and pork intake to up to 5 times per week only. I can’t call it “serving” yet, because I know I have to work on better portion control and serving sizes. However, with the 5 time cap in eating meat and pork, this can be a start, right?

When I eat out, I will try to get the healthier options in the menu, such as Fridays’ Shanghai Chicken Salad

A tip I got from a fellow dieter is when you’re not sure of what the best option is in a buffet or restaurant, just go with one of the tomato based pastas, even though it is basically carbs. This is because many other dishes are fried or have a lot of fat in it. At least with the pasta, it’s less fat-based.

So since I want to be more fruit-and-veggie based, tomorrow, I plan to pass by Macro or one of those wholesaler centers where I can stock up on cheaper items. I have to keep in mind, though, that not all fruits and veggies are non-fattening. Avocados and mangoes, for example, can have high fat and sugar content. I think, though, that taking these in moderation can still be okay.

One dish I’m looking forward to indulging in in the next few weeks is my favorite garlic yogurt cucumber salad!

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