Fat Girl No More

saying bye-bye to obesity, one day at a time

Fat Girl No More, Book Edition?

It is my long standing dream to write a book. I have many stories to tell, I believe, hence the many different types of blogs I attempt to maintain. Perhaps I can write a book, much like Liz Gilbert, and give women all over the world something to look up to or something. I don’t […]

The Constant Struggle

I was going through my favorite iPhone app, Timehop, and came across some of the things I wrote from this blog years ago. I realized that this whole weight loss thing is really such a constant struggle. It encompasses lifestyle habits, I’ve come to realize. That does have great impact to my current state, but […]

Holiday Weight

Gosh, its been just about a month into 2014 and I still am struggling to drop the holiday pounds. BOO I TELL YA! To be fair, it was not such a bad holiday season for me, weight wise, but after a run of healthy and mindful eats, thing happened and as always,the emotional eater reared […]

Happy Holidays!

Although Christmas may be the most difficult time for someone on a diet, I still want to pause and say HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Try not to eat too much, or at least eat healthier

Flags, Flags and More Flags.

I was in a reunion today and had my arm in such a horrible angle for the photos we took, and lo and behold, my flags were in full force. Yuck. Haha. That’s why I never do Warrior 2 for photos, its horrible! I don’t think Lipo will be enough to solve that problem, I […]

A Matter of Presentation

On of the things I have come to appreciate in my many trips to The Farm at San Benito is how they present food. I honestly never gave much heed to the value of prettifying my personal meals (after all, I do sit in front of the computer while eating). However, I have come to […]

The Daily Struggle

Yep, here I am again, trying to make my way back onto the proverbial ring, face to face once more with my lifelong enemy: the Emotional Eater. I must admit I have been quite stressed out lately, mainly because of the million billion things I have been doing, and of course, these all trigger my […]

Blog Problems. Again.

Gah. Yet again, my blogs are giving me problems AGAIN. I don’t know why but all of a sudden, I have this weird log-in data that pops up. I sent a note to my host, and I hope I get advice about how to handle it soon. There’s a pop up screen that asks me […]

Refocusing Targets

I think it is about time to set targets again. Or should I say I am refocusing targets. I do recognize that I have lost track of where I am in this journey of mine. It’s not that I have given up, but the motivation has switched. Before, I would set my target incentives through […]

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