Fat Girl No More

saying bye-bye to obesity, one day at a time

Fat Girl No More, Book Edition?

It is my long standing dream to write a book. I have many stories to tell, I believe, hence the many different types of blogs I attempt to maintain. Perhaps I can write a book, much like Liz Gilbert, and give women all over the world something to look up to or something. I don’t […]

The Constant Struggle

I was going through my favorite iPhone app, Timehop, and came across some of the things I wrote from this blog years ago. I realized that this whole weight loss thing is really such a constant struggle. It encompasses lifestyle habits, I’ve come to realize. That does have great impact to my current state, but […]

Disco Fitness

In my last post I talked about incorporating music into my fitness routines in the hopes of losing weight again. It reminded me of an Antigravity Yoga class my friend and fellow yoga teacher, Paulo, taught some time ago. In the studio he teaches in, a disco ball with something like those those atmospheric rg […]

Musical Fitness Routines

I cannot dance to save my life. I swear! I will admit,however, that the Dance Dance Revolution craze back in the early 2000′s did help me lose quite a number of pounds. I figured doing something like that is worth a shot again, yes? Maybe I can start throwing in more active music to my […]

Holiday Weight

Gosh, its been just about a month into 2014 and I still am struggling to drop the holiday pounds. BOO I TELL YA! To be fair, it was not such a bad holiday season for me, weight wise, but after a run of healthy and mindful eats, thing happened and as always,the emotional eater reared […]

Block it Out!!!!

O.M.G. Like I said, Christmas is the most difficult day for a dieter. Luckily we do not celebrate a big thanksgiving in Manila because that would be crazy! Even if I put on the best stanton headphonesto block out the sounds of celebration around me, I can smell the relentless wafting in of the fragrance […]

Happy Holidays!

Although Christmas may be the most difficult time for someone on a diet, I still want to pause and say HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Try not to eat too much, or at least eat healthier

Rock Band Workout

I passed by the mall recently and saw a bunch of kids playing with one of those games that required them to swipe their hands on top and under sensors in order to play a musical rhythm. It was kind of like those Dance Dance Revolution games of my younger days. I thought it would […]

Mealtime Music

I was never a big believer of how music in the background affects the way you eat. Well, to be honest I do not always notice the way I eat anyway haha. But on a serious note, I think if I were more aware, I wouldn’t eat that much. So I did a few experiments, […]

Flags, Flags and More Flags.

I was in a reunion today and had my arm in such a horrible angle for the photos we took, and lo and behold, my flags were in full force. Yuck. Haha. That’s why I never do Warrior 2 for photos, its horrible! I don’t think Lipo will be enough to solve that problem, I […]

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